Why choose MAD?
Why Choose MAD?

In 2014 MAD will donate a minimum of $250,000
worth of products to charities and schools.

Use your everyday purchases to help
people in desperate need!

How do businesses
make a difference with MAD?

How do schools
make a difference with MAD?

How do charities
benefit from MAD?

Get involved with this simple plan
that is feeding thousands

Purchase some amazing Kenyan Art
and directly help the community of Odede

Donate your MAD Giving Dollars to
one of our fantastic Charity Partners

Enter the Make A Difference
Online Web Store


acfYou may have noticed around the office, some small changes in stationery items and paper. That is because we are using a new company called “Make a Difference” (MAD).  Basically we are saving a lot of money on office supplies and able to help save lives and reduce suffering at the same time.  In only 10 short weeks with them we have been able to give a family in Kenya a goat, Provide 100 people clean water for a month in Malawi and Help feed 30 impoverished children for a year in Malawi  .      
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