Why choose MAD?
Why Choose MAD?

In 2014 MAD will donate a minimum of $250,000
worth of products to charities and schools.

Use your everyday purchases to help
people in desperate need!

How do businesses
make a difference with MAD?

How do schools
make a difference with MAD?

How do charities
benefit from MAD?

Get involved with this simple plan
that is feeding thousands

Purchase some amazing Kenyan Art
and directly help the community of Odede

Donate your MAD Giving Dollars to
one of our fantastic Charity Partners

Enter the Make A Difference
Online Web Store


jelliscraigYou are a fantastic company and I can’t thank you enough for your amazing, wonderful, outstanding, brilliant customer service throughout this year and all the years I have been dealing with you. I ABSOLUTELY love that you have donated goats instead of giving us a gift! Please don’t ever stop (not that you ever will) being such a great team and company. Dealing with everyone has been an absolute pleasure!  
Liz KondysJellis Craig
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